Reversal Of Fortune

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Your favorite victim
Lied about
And pushed around
Beaten down
Then faulted
For every little

Fucking fall
The truth you
Chose to
Never see
Not that
I'm surprised
Hell you never
Gave a damn
About me
But now it's me
You will finally see

Your opinion of me
Twisted and wrong
Every day

The same damn song
Purposely blinded
Closed minded
And gone
In a blink of an eye
I stand and I rise
As a new victim
You now must find

Verse 2 
Never acceptepted
For who I am

Forced to hide
And try to be
Something that
Just wasn't right
Just because

It was acceptable
In your eyes 
I stand and
For once rise
Of your knife
Meant for my soul
As a way of taking control
Yes now it's you
Who gets to fall

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