The Nobody Turned Survivor

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Walking through the hallway
Knowing I mean nothing
People like me
Don't mean a fucking thing
In the world of high school hell
The ignored, bullied, 
Treated like nothing
Or that we aren't
Even there at all
Just another day
Of the usual
In a world
In which I

Just don't belong

A nobody
From the moment
I walk in
Or so I'm told  
Tell me something
Mr. or Mrs. Bully
Who are you
Little miss perfect
Barely hanging on as well
We are all no one
And some one

So deal with it
And sing along
I'm not the only one

Fighting to keep from
Losing it all

Verse 2
Lost in the crowd

Trying to stay me
And proud
Beaten down daily
By those who

Just don't get me
And don't even 
Want to try
Looked down on
My whole life
Just wondering why
I was born wrong
At least in their eyes
Why couldn't I just fit in
When will this hell end


Verse 3
Big man on campus

Always has to
Get his two cents in
Will hunt you down
If you try and avoid him
So you might as well
Accept the inevitable

And let it happen
But my little warrior
Remember and 
Rejoice in the fact
That it won't 
Last forever
And for all you know
In the future
They may be kissing your ass
So keep your head up
And never give up
You got this



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