Memories And A Brand New Me

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

A series of photographs
Drifting through my mind
Still frames of memories
Long forgotten
Held onto tightly
By a broken heart
And shattered soul
Memories of a girl
Who lived long ago
But I'm just not
Her anymore

Beaten down
And broken
A soul screaming
Words never spoken
Innocent girl lost
Rising from the ashes
Now you deal
With who I have become

Verse 2
Stronger, wiser
Afraid no longer
Ready for

My voice
To be heard
I stand before you
Once more
No longer shy
Or ready to cower
Hell even my voice
Shakes no longer
The girl you thought
You knew is gone
The girl she has become
Has something to say
And you bet your ass
For once, you will listen


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