Are You Proud Now (What Have We Done)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Come one
Come all
Meet your president elect
Compliments of
The kkk
White supremacists
Have a fucking
Field day
Just waiting 
For the day
They get to make
America great
With their ignorance
And hate
Just remember
You voted
You let it be this way

Hey you voted this way
Now live with your sin
As the hell
You have unleashed
Does begin
Having fun yet
Are you proud 
Of yourself
Welcome to hell

Verse 2
Hail Trump
Hell the KKK

Already does
White power

Chants School children
While other children
Pick on minorities
And demand 
The promised wall
This is the world

We live in folks
And it's the world
For which we did vote
Not even inaugurated yet
And look at what
His rhetoric has done
Are you proud now

Is this what you wanted
A world full of 
Even more blind hatred



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