Our Time To Rise (But Can We Get It Right)

Song Lyrics


Peace seekers

The truth


Immune to 
All the bullshit

Our society is selling 
Now is our time
Yes it is our time to rise

Verse 1
A world gone mad

Yes that is the
Reality in which
We do live
Giving way
To sadness

As everyday

It seems

We are forever
Just picking up
The pieces
Piece by piece
Brick by brick
People giving up
So sick of this shit

Come on society
Get with it 

Society is dying

Crying and begging

For a hero

Or something
To believe in
Not willing to
Step up themselves
They look to us

The former nobodies
They finally see
For what we are
It's our time now
Rise up my fellow
Rebels and dreamers
The world is our to change
Ours to save
That is if we please

Verse 2
Our calling is 
To effect
Change things

The best we can
Yes preferably
For the better
That is our purpose
But in a world
Falling so far

Every day
It's not that easy
We try

We fight
We make head way
Only for our progress
To be laid to waste
Yet my rebels

Dreamers and fellow souls
Still our time to rise

Is now, today, yes we
Are needed

So against the odds
We fight hoping

Against all odds

We just once
Pleace just once
Finally get things right




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