Precious Redeemer (Vengeance Is Yours)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Beautiful dreamer
Precious redeemer
Waiting by the wayside
Lost somewhere 
In time
Waiting for
The timing 
To be just right
To go and strike
Like a sniper

In the night
Just to take back
The life you took
Because you thought

You had the right
Didn't finish the job though
Finished off one
But not her 

As she stands now in wait
To have her revenge

One shot in the night
Ruined a life
You thought 
Nothing of
Following orders
Her love is dead

Soon so will you
Vengeance it comes
In the dead of night
Yes it comes now for you
Verse 2
Now in the shadows
She waits in silence
always watching
Waiting for you
To fuck up
Hell knowing you
It won't take long
And when you do
Don't you dare blink
Because that is when
She will make her move
Yes my friend 
Blink at it's already 

Too late
For vengeance
And justice 
She will have found
Under the glow
Of a pale 
Full moon light



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