The Clusterfuck We Have Become

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A world of hatred
Lowest standards possible

Self absorbed
And shallow
Blind sheep

Of destiny
Leading us
Down a rabbit hole

Of hell and self loathing
Living a life
Where it's 
No ones fault
Because innocent
Is what we claim
We all are
For getting us
This bloody far
Always bitching
Expecting someone else
To fix our world for us

Because somehow
It's just not 

Our job
Wake up!!

A world of hell
Is in which
We are living
Yet somehow
We just can't see
The demons
We are truly fighting
Are you and me 

Verse 2
Blindly following sheep
Thinking they have

The right ideas
But no follow through
With poor excecution at best
Leaving us a mess
Everyone seems to think
They are too good
Too fucking pick up
Welcome to the clusterfuck 
Of a society
That seems to only
Claim to really

Give a fuck

Only truly caring
About fitting in
With people
More lost than we are
Being controlled by those
Even more lost than them
A hell that seems
To have no end
Something has to give
We must step up
We must for once
Wake up



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