Welcome To The Revolution

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Welcome to 
The revolution
The one we all
Should have
Seen coming 
Yes welcome

To revolution
We hoped
To never need 
Yes wake  up 
My fellow rebels
The rebellion has started
And the revolution
Calls your name

The time has come
For us to rise

Hell has now
Frozen over 
Hiding in the shadows
And finding comfort
In solitude  
Just to make

It through
Is an option no longer
It's time to be heard

Yes it time to go to work

The revolution is here
And yes it is in
Our own best interest 
To be a part of it 
The world is dying
Society is maddening
And don't even 
Get me started 
On the political scene
That has become 
Beyond scary
As everything
Is coming apart
At the very seams
It is time 
For the rebellion
Yes it is time
For us to rise


Verse 3
Yes time to rise indeed
And take a stand
In the name of humanity
For the sake of our sanity
Against the bigotry 
And insanity
Plaguing humanity
And set ourselves free
From societies
Own stupidity
Fueling blind hatred
And fear
That should 
Have never been there
Compliments of the

The evil one just given power
Even he knows
He shouldn't have
Yes my fellow rebels
Welcome to 
It's out turn now
To make a stand
And play our hand
Yes it is our time
To go and shine



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