Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Smooth talking politicans

Make no mistake
With your life
They will gladly play
No they won't hesitate
To use you up
Bleed you dry
And throw you away
You see life for them
Is nothing more
Than a fucking game
And in their eyes
You are nothing more
Than an expendable pawn
For with to play

Never ending promises
Broken the second
They step foot in office
Smoke and mirrors
Just to get elected
They never mean 
A word of it
Then the smoke clears
And we are left 
With the truth
And nothing we can do

Verse 2
Sell you lies
Wrapped in half truths
Just to reel you in
By telling exactly
What they know 
You want to hear
It's all lip service
They all do it
And we fall for it
Every time too
And we know we do
Yet we continue to
Does that make
Any sense to you
Because it really 
Doesn't to me
Get with it society
We seriously cannot

Keep doing this



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