It's Time To Fix Us

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Come together
And for once
Do yourself
And the world a favor
Fight for each other
Instead of always 
Against each other
And start working together
To finally make the world better
No more excuses
Don't want to hear
About human nature
It's time stopped
Being victims of each other
And got our shit together

The world is shattered
And reality is fractured
As society lives broken
Forsaken and blind
Buried under it's
Own lies and madness
This shit has got to end
Yes we must end this shit
While we still can
Before we all go down in history
As our own worst tragedy

Verse 2
Take a stand for once
Against the madness
Yes stand and work together
To finally fix this planet
It's tragic existence
And those within it
Yes wake up
And care 
While the world 
Is still here
Before all hope
Disappears into oblivion
And we end up singing 
The same damn song
As once again we fall
Victims of our own insanity
So sad and tragic


Verse 3
We could do it you know
Yes we could do it
Fix this madness
And heal our planet
We could do it
If we really wanted
But we don't
Because greed
Being selfish 
And laziness
Have apparently
Become habit
And sad part is
We just let it happen
And we know it
Tell me mankind
Are you proud of 

What we have become
Because I'm not
No not one fucking bit

And I am so beyond sick of it
Time to fix this shit
Heal our planet
And fix us for once





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