Embrace You

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Embrace the rage
The madness within 
Set free your soul
Yes release
Your inner freak
And let the fun begin
You are as unique 
As they come
And then some
Don't lock
Your individuality
Up inside
Just to appear normal
In society's eyes
Embrace the rage
And the strange
Let yourself go
Have a little fun
And for once
Just enjoy it

Let go of the
So called self control
Conformity and society
Has imposed on
And taught you
Set yourself free
And live it up instead
Life is short
And you get one shot at it
So embrace all that is you
And make it worth it

Verse 2 
Embrace the freedom
We should all be
Living in
And spread the fuck
Out of that shit
Teach the world
To think for themself
And live as individuals
Instead of sheep
Blindly being lead 
By the blind
Who thinks they 
Have the right
To tell us who to be inside
Yes teach the world
To embrace who they are
And for once
Be not ashamed of it


Verse 3
In short my fellow freaks
Live it up
And own the fuck out of it
Yes be your true self
And through 
All you do
Teach the world
To embrace 
Their true self too
Teach them to
Accept themselves
And others too
Instead of fighting
And hating all the time
Like fucking fools
Learn something new
Everyday from
The world around you
And above all
Never stop being you



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