Your Time Now (Make Life Beautiful)

Song Lyrics

Break the mold
Yes break out 
Of your shell
It's your life
When it comes

To living it
Let no one else
Tell you how 
It's your time now

Verse 1
And conformity 

Through fear
Buy this do that

Or you won't fit in
No one will love you

Fuck that noise
It's your life
And your choice
Stand up 
To the man

And peer pressure
From a relentless media
Tell them to take their fear
And shove it
I'm not afraid 
I am me and proud of it

In world that tells you

That being you is wrong

Take a stand and tell them

To shove it

Be who you are

And be proud of it
You were meant for more

Than the insanity

They are trying to 
Make you live in
Rise above it
Keep on being you
Never stop dreaming
And shine on my friend
Shine on
No never stop shining

Verse 2
Be your own hero
A rebel with your own cause
A dreamer that never forgets
How to dream
A peace seeker
That never stops living
In and for peace
And a believer 
Who never stops 
This world is your canvas
You only get one life to live
So make your life and art
Make it unique, make it you
Make it beautiful







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