The Revolution Of The Fallen

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Under the madness of man
Something awakens the fallen
As they rise up in droves
Against a hell 
They will stand for
No longer
For change, liberty
And sanity
They march angry
And determined
To do something 
About a society
So lost it must be stopped
Ready for a revolution
They take their stand
Ready to be heard
They will stay quiet no more

Pushed aside
Abused and 
Beaten down
They rise now 
With purpose 
In their hearts
And passion 
In their veins
They have something to say
We will not stand for
Even one more
Madness and tragedy
Filled day
Make way for the revolution
Yes make way

Verse 2
The voice of a nation
Is what they seek
To become
As they demand
That society listen
For once to the 
Voice of reason
Sick of the madness
Plaguing society 
Like a disease
They march for justice
In an unjust world
And peace and love
In a corrupt hate filled world
Destroying humanity
From the inside out
They have had enough
And will no longer put up
The lies and excuses
Society seems to live for


Verse 3
They have seen hell
They have watched it
Being created all around them
By hate, greed, and fear
In our very world
Without us having
Even a fucking clue
Consumed by our own chaos

And the madness of 
The things we do
We live our lives
As blind sheep
Taking things
At face value
Without a clue
That those we follow
Have been screwing us 
Left and right and sideways
Using us for their own
Personal gain
As we become
Nothing more than pawns
In their wicked and evil game
We can't keep living this way


Verse 4
Government officials
Every politician 
On the planet
Claiming to have
Our best interests at heart
Religious extremists 
False prophets
Claiming to be 
Leading us to heaven
Through hatred
Fear and madness
They are sick of it
And you should be too
They call us now
As they march
To join them
Be part of the solution
And no longer part
Of the problem
I smile as I proudly join them
Question is my friends
Will you join them too
Well will you 



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