Denial Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I look out the window
At a world
I wish I didn't see
Madness and chaos
Controlling everything
As far as the eye can see 
In a society so
Blind and clueless
It sickens me 
Screwing ourselves daily

And on everyone else
Always blaming
For the shit around us
That is happening
Yet they look at me
Like I'm crazy
When I say 
This shit is just
Not working

Society is sleeping
As it's being lead blindly
Down a path
Of madness
And falling victim
To it's own hate and greed
Entitlement and insanity
It's too much its killing me
Wake up society
Before it's too late

Because this denial 
We are living
Is seriously not working

Verse 2 

Wake up society
Open your eyes
See what you have been
Missing while living
So fucking blind
Yes see the truth
Of what is really going on
The true cluster fuck
Of a world we live in
Ignorance may be bliss
But while we were all
Living in denial
We have let our society
Go to shit
And now is the time
To step up and fix it
Before it's too late

To do anything about it


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