Song Lyrics

Verse 1
We say we hate
To be labeled
We claim we
Don't believe
In labels
Yet label each other
Every fucking day
Is all we ever
Fucking do
Labeling this

Labeling that
Our entire world
And every war revolves
Around labels
But what's the point

We have labeled
Ourselves to hell
Judging everyone
On a fucking dime
We know it's not right
But do it anyway
While forgetting
To treat each other
Like the one label
That actually matters
The human label
As our own victims
Today again 
We have fallen

Verse 2 
We label each other
By our social status
The way we look
Our jobs, race,
Religion, sexual preference
And bank accounts
Like we actually believe
All that shit
Actually fucking matters
But we ignore
What truly matters
Life, human life
Of anything
Human life matters
Yet that seems to daily
Fall by the way side
And give way
To silly and stupid labels
What the fuck are we thinking


Verse 3
It's scary to think
About how oblivious
To how bad things
Have gotten
We truly are
We use social
Labels as an excuse
To turn around and label
Others less than
Or not even human
And saddest part is
None of this shit
Is new at all
It's just gotten worse
And will be what
Ultimately leads
To society's fall


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