Our Future (It Could Have Been Different)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Consumed by shadows
Hidden in 
Broad daylight 
Taken back
By the madness
Around me
As sanity
I walk a lonely street
Trying to clear my head
But even alone
I am bombarded 
With insanity 
On billboards 
And plastered
On the buildings 
All around me
I take a deep breath
And keep going
As I can't help wondering
How it all got this way
The world fell
And left us 
In the darkness
Wondering is this the end
Little did we know
Our hell had just begun
For the hell that came
Was not the end
But merely the beginning
If we only knew then
What we know now
Maybe it could
Have been different
Verse 2
The world is in ruins
Most of the animals gone
We thought we had 
It all figured out
And all the time
In the world
We were wrong
We poached the animals
Without a thought or a care
Our wars left our carnage everywhere
We abused the earth
Now most of it is dead
As many cities have been
Over taken by the oceans
Heh I guess global warming
Was real after all
We should have cared
While it was still an option
Now it's too late
Sealed is our fate
On this planet
Destroyed and sad
Over run by madmen
And madness so tragic
It could have been different
Verse 3
Insanity is 
Societies normal
I wish I could say
That part is new
But let's face it
That's how we got here
We fought and
Destroyed each other
Without a worry or care
Took forgranted
That everyone and 
Everything we loved
Even the earth
And the things it provided
Would always just be there
Now the earth lay dying
As more and more
Of what makes us human
Everyday we are losing
We have become 
Walking representations
Of our own demons
I swear it could
Have all been different

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