Only We Fail Ourselves

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Society is fucked up
It's our own fault
We deserve better
And we know it too
But it seems 
That somehow
Better is something

We just can't seem to do 
We complain about
A world of hate
Then spread that shit
Like wild fire 
While bitching about
How no one really

Ever changes anything
It's insanity

We know it

But we don't care
We are all just

Drowning in 
Madness everywhere

Everybody fighting
While preaching
Acceptance, peace,
And working together
We are living in such
A hypocrisy
It's killing me
Oh society
Why do we keep
Letting this be

Verse 2
Day after day
Drowning in

And consisting of
Stupidity and agony
We keep bringing
On ourselves
Insanity of sheep
Making choices
Based on 
Which wolf to follow

Then wondering why
It always seems that
All we are are just 
Lambs to the slaughter
Driving me crazy
It's never ending
I'd like to wake up please
I'd like to get off this ride
It's just not fun anymore
Do we even know
Where this world is
Going anymore


Verse 3
The world is falling apart
At the seams
Yet it seems 
The truth of our society

We simply remain 
Too blind to see 
We have become our
Own worst enemy
And greatest tragedy
We point our fingers
And play our games
As our own humanity
Just wastes away
We think it's every one
Elses fault
And everyone elses

Not our own
To save society
Always divided
Never united
We should be
Our own heroes
Yet day after day
We fail ourselves again






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