Set Yourself Free

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Free your mind
And open your eyes
Embrace the wonders

In the world around you
That you do find
Set your soul free
Yes set free your wings
And teach yourself
To finally fly
Break the chains 
That hold you prisoner
In a prison
Of another's design
And let your dreams
Take flight
The world is yours tonight

Forget your worries
They aren't worthy 
Of you anyway
Let your cares
Drift away
Spread your wings
Kiss the night sky
Be free, feel alive
Yes find yourself tonight

Verse 2
Yes set yourself
Free tonight
For once you do
You will find your light
And the purpose
Meaning of your life
As the secrets 
Of your very soul
Start to unfold
Pursue your dreams
And follow your passions
They will never
Steer you wrong
And never forget
No matter what
Life throws at you

You are brilliant

You are worth it
You are wonderful
And you are strong



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