Society Of Nonsense

Song Lyrics


We are a society
Of nonsense

On and offline bullying
We all know is a problem
But do nothing about
We say it's 
Not our job
Then bitch about
Nothing ever
Getting done
Every day
It's the same old song
Oh God 
What have we become

A cluster fuck
Of a society

And poor excuse
Of a species
We ignore our dreams
And live our hate instead
And still somehow wonder
Where it all went wrong
Come on society
Get your shit together

Verse 2
Is what we 
Are becoming
Surrounded by lies
Drowning in 
Our own sorrows
While to it all
Living in denial
Because we 
Just don't

Want to know
Tell me society
Is this really 
All that we
Are good for
A world of hatred and madness
But nothing more



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