The Beautiful Weirdos

Song Lyrics

This one goes out
To my fellow
Beautiful weirdos
The stars that refuse
To be anything else
But their uniquely
Beautiful selves 
The star shaped pieces
Who refuse to exist
Or fit inside the box
This is for you

Verse 1
Here's to the weird
The strange at heart
Those who proudly 
Don't fit in
From whom society
Tries to stay apart
Never be ashamed
Of who you are
Society may not
Act like it
Or even realize it
But trust me my friends

They need us

The glue that holds
The world together
The only ones
Who truly ever 
Make change happen
Dreamers and rebels
The heart of society
We are the beautiful weirdos
And we live our lives free

Verse 2
They look down on us
And call us weird
Because they 
Don't understand
But that's ok
It's not like they
Ever really tried anyway
Fuck them 
And rise above them
You are the future
Your time is now
So stand tall
Stand proud
And be heard
You are here to 
Change the world


Verse 3
So come on out
Of society's shadows
Step into the light
And come into
Your own
Come my beautiful weirdos
We shall hide no longer
For the time is here
For us to live freely
And proudly
Yes it's time
For us to
Change everything


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