Political Insanity

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Information everywhere

But not a thought to think
Hatred and madness
Spilling into the streets
Dividing our great country
Now I need a drink
Society itself

Has become 
It's own hell
And only has itself
To blame 

It's all so insane
Why do we just
Live to play
Life like a game

So connected
Yet so clueless
It's sad
But that's the way
They like it

Those we put in power
I guess the fault

Really is ours
Well done society
Yes well done

Verse 2
And masochists
That is of what
Our society
Does consist
Liars and theives
Telling us 
Who to be
Political insanity

Reigning free
As we just let
It all be 
You have got to be
Kidding me



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