Unique As I'm Meant To Be

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Living outside 
The so called normal
I answer to no one

But myself 
Proudly weird 
And strange at heart
With no desire
To fit in with the crowd

Here to turn the world

Inside out
And shake things up
Don't give a fuck
About what you 
Think of me
And that's what's up

I am who I am
And will change
For no one
If that's what you want
Then shove it
Yes shut your mouth
I have fought too hard
Just to end up
Someone else
But myself

Verse 2

I am a rebel
A wild card
Not easily shut up
No I am not easily silenced
A voice of reason
In a world of violence
I stand for peace 

Not insanity
Change not
More of the same
Unique and free
Just like
I am
Meant to be
So go ahead
Try me




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