World Of Chaos

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A world of chaos 
Madness everywhere
The reason for

Remains unclear
Society gripped
By fear
Broken by greed

And destroyed by hate 

Feeling like its all
Just one big 
Fucked up dream
Coming apart at the seams

Society collapsing
While what little
Humanity it has left
It's rapidly losing
People scrambling
Forever finger pointing
We're all fucked
But won't fess up
It's all our fault

Verse 2
A world of mayhem 
Is what we have become
We say one thing
And do another
While treating 
Protestors as criminals
As we fight to rape
Sacred land
With no reguard
To our fellow man
Welcome folks

To the clusterfuck
We have let
Ourselves become


Verse 3
Anger and greed
Hatred and fear
Ruling the day
As we just let shit
Be this way
Sitting on our couches
Watching the news
Bitching the day away
But about shit
Doing nothing
Why should we do anything
We ask lazily
We didn't start this shit
It's not my problem




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