Little Girl Lost

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Growing up

The new girl
In a town from hell
Eight years old
Shy and friendly
Knowing nobody
She walks into
Her new school

Praying please God

Let this go well

Scared and alone

Trying to just

Be herself
She takes a deep breath
Well here we go

Lost little girl
Scared and alone
Isolated and hated

What has she done
What did she do
As she now succumbs
Once again to the madness
Her new hell has created

Verse 2 
Twelve years old

Middle school
Laughing stock
What does she care
It's not like she's
Ever there much anymore
What's the point

She thinks

I learn nothing
The bullies have
Their way with me

As the teachers who see
Act like its my fault
And just don't want to know  
Somebody please

Just get me out


Verse 3 
High school now

Two schools to speak of

Freshman year
What a joke

Very next year
To live with her father
Is what she chose
The new school was brilliant

She was no longer alone
But at home

Oh that home
Pushed aside
Bullied and emotionally broken

Treated like nothing
Then just thrown out
Right back to the hell
She started from
What was the point 
Of even going on


Verse 4
Back to her father's 
She eventually went
Made friends
Who will always
Be in her heart family
A life a home
Though a struggle

Is what she finally found
But with still
Little to no self esteem 

And struggling
With memories
Of childhood insanity

Depression and anxiety

Plaguing as every job

Somehow she ends up failling

In her sadness
She is now drowning

The final and 
Ultimate victim
Of a childhood tragedy
From which
She can't break free 




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