Your Hate Is Not My Hate

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
You think you know me
While forever acting

Like you fucking own me
When in reality

You only know the me

You made me out to be

The girl too afraid to say
Or do anything

And never stood up
For herself
Drowning in hell
With people, people
Everywhere yet 
Not a single hand to hold

Your perfect little victim
Forever alone

And vulnerable
Tell me now

Looking back

Was it worth it

Hate is evil
And evil is sin
Sin is forbidden
So let's not begin
Let's stop this madness

This total bullshit

While we still can
Years of torment

Spent for nothing

So beyond not right
Yes Straight up wrong

It's already gone on
For far too long

Verse 2 
That person you
Were so convinced was me

The person you thought

You turned me into
Yeah she is no more
She is gone
And in her place
Is the me
I always knew
I could be
The new me 
The real me
Finally society
You get to see

The real me
The real person I can be
You don't know me
Nor do you own or control me

Finally for once
I can say I'm free
Yes I am finally me


Verse 3
So go ahead
With your bullshit
Come on bring it
I can handle it

I can deal with it now
I knoe you've probably

Heard this before
B ut I'm going to

Make my point any how
You will hear my words
Warnings and cries
You've got to stop it
With all your lies
You spread while thinking
Nothing of it as they
End up destroying

Life after life 
You know that shit

Aint right
So stop it now
Yes just stop it

With all the fucking lies


Verse 4
Wake up call children
Yes it's time to wake up now
You can't keep treating
People the way you do
For not only is it wrong

But as it catches up to you
It starts to forever haunt you

And in the end

The one who gets
Actually truly hurt
Is not me 
Nor any other long time victim
But you and you alone
Then what?
What can you do about it

Nothing thats what
For help from those
You tortured
You will find yourself asking 
But it will be too late
Because thanks 
Your past full of hate
Sealed will be already 
Your fate
You should have known better
But that was just never 
In your nature
As you now fall the
Final victim
Of your own hate
That should have never been




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the earliest song I ever wrote that still exsists today.  Most of my writing from back then have either been lost or somehow destroyed so I was happy as hell when I found this one and realized I at least still had this one. I'm 32 now I wrote this back when I was 16.

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