Anyone But Trump

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Racist rhetoric
And a demented mind
You are so clueless

To your own ignorance

It blows my mind
You are sexist
And you love it
Yet somehow when
Faced with it

Just can't admit
Or take responsiblity for it
Seriously you 
Fucking lunatic
You make me sick

Donald Trump
Spoiled brat
Hitler wannabe
A hypocrate
Who's extreme
Promises things

That will never happen
Just to avoid
Actually answering questions

Come on America

We're better
Than that
Give us a chance
And make us great

By saying no
Once and for all
To Trump
The man who will
Only make us fall 

Verse 2
Only out to get

The one thing
In the world
He hasn't

Had yet
The presidency
In a country
In all honesty
He only claims to
Care about really
Only in it 
For the power
And to be the constant
Man of the hour
He will lie and say anything
To try and convince you
To do for him
What you know you shouldn't
Don't fall for it


Verse 3
Hater of minorities

Not one known to
Actually respect women 

Let alone the poor he sees
As beneath him
Still thinks a wall
Is the greatest 
Fucking idea ever
And that somehow
Mexico will actually

Agree to pay for it

Only in it

For the power 

And we just can't
Under any cirsumstance
Afford him
We simply put
Would not
Survive him



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