Insanity Destroying Humanity

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Oh sanity

How society
Does yearn
For thee
An election
That has become

Nothing more
Than a

Three ring circus
Living in hatred
And for fucking greed
Bitching about

How no one ever

Changes anything

While sitting on our asses
Not even trying

Insanity society

Is what we have become

And are far too proud to be
We live so blind
Like we are happy to be
The truth it shines
Before our very eyes
Yet we still don't see

As in denial and greed
We destroy everything
Over and over again

Verse 2
Loves light
That screams for
Our attention
Shines forever bright
Right before us

As we once again

Fall victim
To our own
Evil agenda
No more humanity

Left in society
We continue to let

The light of life

Grow ever so dim
Until there is nothing left

And we lose ourselves
Once more within



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