Rock Bottom


The planet has hit rock bottom
Don't believe me
Think about it
The land of the free
Is in turmoil

And it's our own damn fault
From racist cops
We allow to get away
With murder
To the Hitler wannabe
And the liar 
Running for president
Russia is telling
It's people
Be ready for war
Because it doesn't trust us
Yet news headline of that day
Kim K gets robbed in Paris
I feel bad for her I do
But for us and our priorities

I am embarassed
Our priorities
And sense of 
What is truly
Right and wrong

Are so out of wack
We would rather sit around
And bitch about it all
Then really actually know
And believe me folks
It shows
Oh yes it shows
We are falling

And falling fast
Tell me people

If we keep this shit up
How long do you actually think

We will last

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