Tired Eyes (When Does It End)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
See my soul
Through the
Tired portal
Of my weary eyes
See the heart
Almost too scared to beat
The mind that has had it
Up to here and beyond
With all the lies
Yes see it all
Through the tired portal
Of weary eyes
That truth be told

Would rather live blindly
Than continue to see
In the pain it's living

The world around me

So unforgiving
So much hate
And non stop tragedy
The screams of the innocents
Oh so deafening
As my heart it is just
Constantly breaking
When does it end

Please when will it end

Verse 2
A soul so fragile

Always afraid 
Of breaking
And into 

The dark abyss

Forever sinking
Surrounded by many
But always alone
Retreating back
Into myself
Prefering to be isolated
Than surrounded by

Hate and fear
Into the shadows
And out of the light
Once and for all
I disappear



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