A Case Of Misjustice

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Pushed around
Beaten down
And abused
Imprisoned by lies

Sent from one hell
To another
To go on

Why should I bother

Three boys murdered
Three handpicked suspects
Who never had 
Any more of a chance
Than the victims did
Labelled guilty
Before even walking in
To that joke of a courtroom
Justice must be served
Something has to give

Verse 2
Over 18 years 
Of torture
On death row
For something 
I didn't do
Far too many
Of which spent
In unfair and
Inhumane isolation
Never once wavering
About my innocence
I would profess it
Scream it

But they wouldn't listen
They never listened
They never cared


Verse 3
Free now 

By nothing short

Of a miracle
But still guilty
In the states eyes
That's not justice
And it's just not right
Wake up society
Cases like mine
Are everyday

And most people
Don't get as lucky
To be freed by

A miracle
And given a 
Second chance
At life
Wake up
See the light

More and more innocents
Die every single night




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