Easy Target, Dead Wrong Victim

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I am the one
You never saw coming

Though you claim
To know
Who I am
Pushed around

And beaten down
Told who I am
And mocked for who
I am told
Can never be
You should

Have listened to me

You should have
Paid attention
Too bad you didn't

The anger in me

Boils over
You can run
All you want

But you'll be
Screaming until it's over
SSShhhhh hush now
You know you deserve this
You should have
Paid attention
You should have cared

Verse 2 
Run little man
Yes now run
The chase
You know

Is half the fun
I wait in the shadows

For the right time
To strike
And when you least expect it
I pounce and take you down
In the dead of the night
You scream with fright

As I laugh
What are you afraid of
I do ask
I thought you said
I was nothing
Tell me
Am I nothing now


Verse 3
I drain you dry
Yes I have my fill
In the still of the night
As you pleaded
For a reason why
I laughed as you cried

As you did
When tears fell
From my eyes

My aren't we a sight
Big man, fomerly
Mr. big bad bully
Meeting his end
At the hands 
Of his favorite victim
Under the glow
Of full moon light


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