Living Contradictions

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Insanity society
Falling victim

To their own
Lack of humanity
Pray for this person
Pray for this country
And this one
No this one
Living contradictions

Of ourselves
So lost in our own
Self loathing
It's sickening
How the fuck
Did we 

Get this far
Anyone else
Starting to dread
Our tomorrows

The hell 
We have created
Is swallowing us whole

Yet we remain

Too blind to see
The hell we are 

So afraid of
And claim to be
Fighting to avoid
Is unavoidable
It's already here
We already live there

And yes it's 
Totally our fault

Verse 2

Sexism and more
Only some of the 
Horrible things

Far too many
Still live for
The insanity
Of doing the

Same thing

Over and over

And expecting
Somehow a 

Different result
Why the hell
Did we ever
Dig this rut


Verse 3
Pointing fingers
Placing blame

Treating life
Like one big game
Within a play
Pawns on a chess board
That's all we are anyway
Push this person
Play that one

Puppets on a string

With puppeteers 

Unaware they 
Are puppets themselves
Treating people like shit

Like they have the right
Blind to the fact
That like their blind sheep
They are also just as blind



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