Pray For The World


Pray for the world
So full of hatred
And so little good
Yes pray for the world
All of it and
Everyone of us
Pray that we have

Not yet fallen
So far that we
Can never 
Get ourselves
Back out
Of this rut
We have dug
Ourselves into
With hatred,
Greed, and other
Pray for the world
And all it's children
That one day
They will know
A better world

Than theone we
Have been foolish
Enough to make
Pray they will
Learn from our mistakes
Make this planet
A better and safer place
Pray that its not too late
That we can still change
Pray that one day
We will finally wake
From the haze 
Want to change
Instead of fighting it
In greed
Saying why should we
Have to be the ones
To change
Why should we
Pray that one day
We finally get it
Pray that we 
Start to care
And pray this happens
While we are still here
Before we destroy everything
And there is no one
And nothing left
To fight for
Pray for us
Yes pray for us
For I fear 
We may already be
Too late


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