The Consequences Of Never Listening

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Gazing out my window

At a world 
So out of touch
It's all just too much 
A reality 
We refuse to see

Lies we insist are true

And are die hard

Believers in
We fail each day
Just to awake
And do it
All over again 
While being so 
Proud of it
It's sickening

Society has become

The definition
Of insanity

Doing the same thing

Over and over again

And expecting

Something different
When will we get it

When will we see
What we are doing isn't working

For you, me, or anybody

Verse 2 
Gazing out the window

At a truth so sour

I just can't seem
To swallow
The sheer number
Of victims
On a global scale
Every fucking day
Makes me mad
It makes me sad

We should be ashamed
We should do something 

But in denial
We find far too much comfort

So in a false serenity

We do live
As our world around us crumbles 



Verse 3
The world

We used to love
Yes the very planet
We once called home

Is in ruins
And it's all our fault
If only we had listened
If only we had cared
Now we are
And have nothing

Our own doing

And then some
But we didn't
Thought we didn't have to
For we were everything
So why care
Now we aren't
With nothing left

Saw it coming

You didn't listen

You should have listened




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