The Pride Of New England

Hail to the Patriots
The pride of New England

The team that always
Seems to find
A way to shine
No matter what
They are dealing with
Yes no matter what
Happens to be
Thrown their way
A quarterback ace
Screwed over
By the league
Out for four games
For reasons 

Nothing short
Of insane
Then when needed
His back up
Did step up
That day
And boy oh boy
Did our did Jimmy

Step up and play
But alas 

His time was short

And injury 
Sidelined him as well
But coach had a plan
Of course he did
You know Bill
No worries he says
Our rookie can do it
Step right up son
It's your turn
For the spotlight
Go Jacoby
Show them 
How we do it

Other team
Notes you really
Should be taking
Because expectations
Your hearts and hope
He will be breaking 
While making
It all look
Oh so easy
Welcome to New England son
This type of team
It's what we do
What we have

Believe in
And live for
Nothing less
Nothing more
This team

Is what we live for

And we the Patriots faithful
They keep fighting
And winning for
Being a fan
Fuck yeah man
That shit is a birth right
Religion and badge of honor
And of my team
I could not possibly
Be fucking prouder
So yes Hail!

The Patriots
Kick us down
Take from us
Do what you want

Yes whatever

You will
We will rise above
And keep on winning
Because it's who we are
Fighters, warriors, and winners
New Englanders
And fans around the country alike
We are one, we are family

Yes for this team
We live, we fight,
We unite
And would have

None of it

Any other way
So go ahead

What you got
Give it your best shot
And watch us still win
By rising above

And simply doing
What we do best
Doing our job
And kicking ass
Yes hail and
Well done Patriots
We believe in you
Keep it up
Go get'em 


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