Damien Echols And The Fucked Up Legal System

Song Lyrics

verse 1

Turned into chaos
Turned into evidence
From nothing
For no reason
Other than
You are desperate
And the outcast
Fits the bullshit profile

Created soley
Just for him

The justice system
This is it follks
Guilty or not

They don't want 

To know

All they care about

Is selling your soul

To the highest bidder
Welcome to America
Feeling free yet

Verse 2
Will swear up and down
They got it right
When they know
For a fact they 
Fucked up
Le tthem go
But for a price
An alford plea
What justice is this
But at least Damien 
Lives to see tomorrow


Verse 3
5 years out
5 years to go
On probation
So far still

The only ones 
Fucking up I see
Are all of you
Still think you have 
It right do you
Tell me what will you do
When the real proof is
Proven to you



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