Damien Echols (My Magick Brother)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Damien Echols

My brother witch
A life full of hardship
And hell
Surrounded by magick
No one could tell
A cold hearted killer

That is what they

Pegged him as

Bullshit is what it was
Arkansas justice
Blind as a bat
If you ask me
Out for a fast buck
And a job raise up
No room for truth
Fuck that
The people hate him
He's guilty
Why should I care
I mean it's only
His life at stake
What does it have
To do with me

Verse 2
They took him 
They questioned him
They wrongfully

Put him in a cell
He was beaten
Attacked daily
But still he never broke
An honest man
Up in chains
You knew
Someone knew
Not that it mattered


Verse 3
Finally free
Thanks to a bullshit

Fucking plea
Freedom is never free right
5 years into
And 5 left on a probation sentence 
Arkansas caved 
Thank god too
The bastards saved
Damien's life


Verse 4
When this is all
Said and done
You will be
The guilty ones
You knew
One of you
If not more

You knew
Just remember that
When your blessings
You are counting


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