Johnny And Proof That Nothing Is Perfect

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I am not the perfect
In the least bit
But I am 
A fighter
And when it comes to 
The well being of some
I feel are innocent
Yeah my being there for them
Is a burden
And that
I'm sorry, but it is a given

The system

Repays some

And screws others
Now which side

Are we on
At the moment
I see Johnny
And his side
You had your chance

I gave you a chance
Johnny his side

Oh hell yeah it is
Juat saying
You had more to lose

Than him
And that is why you 
Went after him
I rest my case
Oh yes I rest my case

Verse 2
Amber and the
So called bruise
Too bad it never
Stayed in one place
Ok so maybe Johnny
Has a temper
But can you honestly state
That his temper wasn't
Because of you
Poking the bear
Well can you


Verse 3
I may not be
The perfect dauhgter

But I know me
I know how 
I feel about Johnny
Which since I don't 
Volunteer that often
Should  mean 
At least something
He is the peace

That calms me
And yeah I look
Up to that man
And no one 

Who knows him
Will say otherwise



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