Voices From Innocent Blood

Song Lyrics

Verse 1 
I have a little question
For those who rule

Upon the hill
Who seem to have

No problem
With finding more
And more

Innocent blood

To spill 
Illegal wars
Corrupt cops
So many sinners
Playing God 
When does it end

Or has it only
Just begun

The voices of the protestors

And your countless victims

Grow louder and louder
Day after day
Yet you remain the same

To you this is all a game

Tell me how many

Have to fall
For you and your evil soul
To finally have its fill

Verse 2
More and more 

Witch hunts
Putting innocent men
On death row

Selling their lives
To the highest bidder
To the winner goes the spoil
All for reasons 
Only you seem to know
And whats worse
Seem to live for
What's next 
Whose next
Not that it matters
To you we are all 
Nothing but lambs 

The slaughter






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