Imagine That

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Imagine a world
That doesn't take
Itself for granted
A society that
Pitches in to help
Instead of bitching

That the work

Is never being done

By somebody else
Imagine a world

The believes
In itself
And never doubts

That things will get better

As long as we work together
Can you imagine it
Can you

Imagine that
A world finally

Back on track
Working hand in hand

As brothers and sisters
Instead of fighting each other
Constantly as enemies
Imagine that
A world worth living in

And a society we can 

Actually be proud of
A world finally
Able to live as one

Verse 2
Imagine no more countries

Yes no more cities
With dead children
Lining their streets
No more missiles
Killing innocent people
Launched by their own
Just looking for power
No more governments
Getting away with shit

Just to get away with
And gain power from it
Imagine no more refugees
Dying on their way
To freedom
Imagine no more families
With little ones taken

By war to grieve


Verse 3
Imagine aworld
In which acceptance

Is not a question
But a given
A world that learns from

Each others differences
Not hates because of them
A world where the teachers
Are also the students
And everyone
Understands that
We all have something

To teach each other
Yes we all have

Something to offer
And we should embrace that
Instead of runaway from it



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