The Light

There is a light
In the distance

It's faint
Not everyone
Can see it

But it's there
To stay lit
In the midsts

Of societies
Dark shadows
Once a beacon
That shown so bright
It was almost blinding
Now a flicker of a flame

Grown so dim
It's sad
And yet 
There it is 
Day after day
Maybe a little dimmer

Than the day before

But there it is 
All the same

It has endured much
Wars, conflict, hate,
Terror, anger,
Greed, and pride
All of which 

Has dimmed this light

That once shown so bright

But no matter what
Is thrown at it

The light will always be there
As long as we still believe in it

And what is this light you ask
Simple my friend
It is one we have all
At one point known
And held onto
The light is none other
Than hope

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