Wake Up Society (When Will We Get It)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
In the darkness 
Of what society

Has become
Something is calling
Calling the fallen
The black sheep,

Weirdos, rebels,
Free thinkers,
And dreamers
Society is crumbling

Under its own hatred

And conformity
It is time society

Had a long overdue


A country divided
By an election of madness
And a planet
Under attack  

By a wicked society
Of hatred and greed
War after war
No reasons for
And global warming

Too many think is a joke

When will we get it
When will we care
It's all gone just too damn far

Verse 2
Come my dear rebels
Dreamers and
Free thinkers
No time to waste
Mankind slips farther
And farther

By the minutes

Into a hole

They soon

Will no longer be able

To climb themselves out of
Change must come now
Without delay
Hurry now yes please hurry
I fear we may already be too late 



Verse 3

War after war
Across the sea
Blood stained streets
Lined with the bodies
Of dead children
Killed by their own people

Out for power 
Without a care
As to how they get it
Here at home
An election from how
And so much ignorance abound
It's all so maddening

Yet we just can't see
We just don't get it
It is all our faults

And it's up to us
To fix it



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