Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Look at the perfect family
Mommy, daddy, sister, brother
Beautiful house
Lots of love
Lots of friends

For the children
To play with
It wasn't a mansion
No they didn't have
Everything they wanted
Or the latest must have items
But it didn't matter
Each other was 
All they needed
Or so they thought....

Once a family
Now in pieces
With sides for

The taking
We were so young
What have you done
What have you done

Verse 2 
A business trip 
Nothing out of the ordinary
There were many of those
Yet this time
You didn't exactly
Come home alone
Marriage gone south
Family in ruins
Seven years old

Was it something I done
Chaos followed

A death in the family

Divorce and a step mother to be
What was happening to me


Verse 3
Eight years old

New state

New town
Just me, brother,
And mother alone
Childhood from there
Because of the people there
Was hell and neither of you

Step mother included wanted to know
Soon came half sisters
Who I will always love to pieces 
But the childhood they had
We were screwed out of
It wasn't right
But can't go back
Where did we go wrong
Where did we go wrong



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