The Girl With A Story

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Let me tell you a story
About a girl so lonely
Lost in a world
So blind and empty
The truth and peace
Within her went un noticed
As she was beaten down
And picked on
She thought she deserved it
Saw herself as unworthy
Of anything good
Unworthy of even love 

In the silence
She did watch them
Quietly learning
With a sadness

In her eyes
She knew them
But not the other
Way around
She sat in silence
Whispering to herself

It will get better
It will get better

Verse 2
The girl was gifted
But not so much
In a typical school setting

In the right setting
She was clever and witty
Able to pick things up quickly
But unable to show it

Always feeling
I'm smart I am
Your just not asking 
The right questions
You never are
And some how
That is all my fault


Verse 3 
Low self esteem
And a poor image
Of herself
By time she was 16
That was what she knew
But hey at least then
She was somewhere new
A thriving mind 

With more friends she 

Could ever ask for
It was like heaven

Too bad the family

She lived with

Did not think so

Too much to handle
You must go
You must go
Your pain is killing you too
We don't want to know
Yes you must go
How could you

How could you


Verse 4
Fought her way back
And thankfully so
Though she still laments

Having to do so
Over the next few years
She was free
She was seen
She had friends

Whom she never 
Thought could 
Ever be
But once again 
Problems at home
Making problems at work
Just that much worse
Sent away again
When will this
Nightmare end
I was meant for
More than this
I was meant for more



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