The Demons Inside Of Us

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Chasing shadows 
And forgotten dreams
Controlled by demons
We no longer see 
But hear echoing 

Through our 
Chaotic thoughtless minds
While trying to see
The world through blinded eyes
And big black holes
Instead of souls 
From here please tell me

Where do we go
Where do we go


The demons
We run from
Are from our
Own souls born
We fight
We deny
But in the end
Fall victim
To our own evil
With hate

In our eyes 

Verse 2
Demons come
And demons go
Here to remind us

That eventually
We all reap

What we do sow 

But what to do
About it 
Yes that is up

To you, me, to all of us 
We know it's true
Yet we still insist
On letting us fall
Come on society
At this point
Can we really
Blame demons anymore 


Verse 3
We are so good
At pointing blame
At each other

We know nothing
About how to

Take any blame ourselves
Man up society
Humanity just
Cannot take it anymore
Of this bullshit
We have all 
Had enoiugh
It's time to stand up
And fight for once

For us, yes all of us
Before there is
No longer
Anyone left



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