The Game Of Hatred

Song Lyrics

Verse 1 
Hatred and anger

Thrown at each other

The reason for
Never remembered

Finger pointing business

We just can't resist
In this game of life

We keep playing
With nobody 
Winning in
This world of sin 
We keep falling daily
Is this the end

Or has our hell
Only just begun


Society divided

Brother against brother
Sister against sister

No one ever really

Getting anywhere
This social battle
From hell

Never taken seriously
It should have been
The planet is dying
Society has fallen
What have we done

What have we done 

Verse 2
Games we play
Day after day
It's harmless
We say
Hurt someone by it
Come on no way
It's just life

Yes it is what it is
Can't handle the heat

Get out of the kitchen
The world is a stage

As players in life's game
We are all part of that play
We all have a role

Yes we all play a part

Who are we to question
What we are told
Those roles are


Verse 3

We thought hatred

Was a game
Greed and power
Were the point

Of the day
Wasn't part of the plan
No not part of the game
We weren't supposed to
End up like this

We weren't supposed to
Go this far
Do we even know anymore

Who we truly are

We have to fight it
We have to fix it
Please just tell me

We are not too late



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