Normal (Our Way, The Only Way)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Everyone running around
Trying to be perfect
Trying to fit in
While looking down

On those who are 
Be normal
Wear this 
Do that
And you will be

The best
Always trying to 
Live up to what 
You are told is beautiful

Normal what is it

Who decides it

Does it matter

Do we care
Stand up straight now
Comb your hair
Buy this 
Do that
It's best this way
The only way
Our way

Verse 2
Be normal
Don't rock the boat
Stop being difficult
And give in

It's better to fit in
Than to be an outsider
Come on now
It's not that hard
What's so great 
About choosing 
Who you are
Don't you want to be
Just like me 




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