Hate, Fear, And Lies

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Driven by hate
Controlled by fear 
Fooled by lies
Where to even begin
A world of sin
Betrayed from within
Take a good hard look
In the mirror
Do you see you there
Or do you see
A lie of a person 
Who is drowning in a life
Lived without purpose 

Hate, fear, and lies
Welcome to our reality
That controls us completely
As we sit by so idly
A society of zombies
Not an original thought
Among us
As we fall again
For the hate and fear tactics
Thrown at us nightly
Welcome to reality

Verse 2
Tell me my friend
Are you who
In your heart

You know you should be
Or just nothing more
Than who you are
Told to be
Think about it

And answer
Carefully, truthfully
Without question
Who are you my friend

Who are you


Verse 3
Who are you
Yes who are you

Who do you want to be
Do you even know
Or are you waiting
To be told 
What the answer should be
By people who only care
So they can use you
Abuse you 
And control you
Is that the life you want
Or are you even capable

At this point 
To give it any thought



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