Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Soldiers marching
With orders to meet
Innocent civillians
On their knees
As their children
Are dying in the streets
Bombs blasting
Pain casting
Orders keep coming
From a corrupt regime
Soldiers killing
Their own people
As their leader laughs 
Like it's all just one big game

The hell keeps coming
As desperate refugees
Keep fleeing

The only home
They have ever known
With nowhere to go
They pray and wonder
Who will help us now 

Verse 2
Refugees fleeing
Across oceans
In nothing but a raft
Carrying nothing
But their children
They are all
They have left
Rafts rarely make it
Truthfully most will drown
Before reaching land
As the heart broken parents
Gather up their lifeless child
Who has drowned
And washed up on shore


Verse 3
Terrorists attacks
Fear and panic
Causing paranoia
About the very people
We should be helping
Assuming that all of them
Every man, woman, and child
From that part of the world
Is a terrorist
Blinding us to the humanity
We should be thinking with
While failing to see
That these refugees
Are fleeing the very terrorists
We so ignorantly
Accuse them of being



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