The Revolution

Song Lyrics

Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen
Yes step right up folks
And behold
The revolution
Is about to begin

Verse 1
2016 and still we fight
And riot over skin color
Religion, sexual preference
And who has what freedom
We still don't get it
We still don't get it
No we just don't see
The evil we claim to be fighting
The devil we fear
Is right there 
In the mirror
Staring back at us
Smiling at our ignorance

Tired of living 
In a world so 
Fear driven 
And hateful
Too blind and clueless
To see it isn't working
The rebels awaken
And for change start marching
Yes the revolution
Is about to begin 

Verse 2
Another day
Another tragedy
Shots fired
Victims fall
We riot in anger
Another tragedy happens
We forget the first

And move on
So busy pointing fingers
Placing blame
We forget the change
We wanted in the first place
As we all fall victim
To societies never
Ending destructive game


Verse 3
People watching
It all unfolding
While slowly
Finally waking
To the truth
Of what we do
Infuriated and fed up
They start to stand up
Shouting we have
Had enough
Against the tyranny
And insanity
They start marching

As the revolution
Finally begins



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